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Still trying to decide if membership is right for you?
Here's a few questions that may help:

Would you... like to give your family the opportunity to see and explore new places?

Would you... like to have access to thousands of resort style properties worldwide?

Would you... like to elevate your vacation lifestyle from hotel style vacations to condo style vacations?

Would you... like to have more value for each dollar spent on vacations?

Would you... like to pay one fixed price and be able to travel more often, save money and have access to luxury accommodations?

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help both new and returning members with any questions they have.

Extensive Benefits

We go beyond traditional timeshare by offering ultimate flexibility & everyday savings.

Member Education

We offer educational videos and pages to help keep you up to date. Our team is also standing by to answer your questions!

Award Winning Facilities

Visit our four-star full service resorts!

World Class Resorts

Our members have access to thousands of beautiful resorts throughout the world!

Mobile App

Never miss a vacation again! Download us on the app store to stay up to date from your phone.


Your Demo

  • "I wanted to let you know that we’ve been with you for a year now and have already taken two trips with our membership. We’re so impressed that each time we’ve called member services they’ve taken care of our request. The second time was even quicker than the first! A big thanks to Judy for all of her help and time on the phone with us."

    Thanks again, Mr. Pulos

  • "Foremost, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did in getting a week for my daughter, you are a true professional. I will fill out the form to add both my daughter and son (I might as well just add him too). Once again, thank you for all of your help, please relay my salutation to Mr. Carr as well!"

    Best Regards, Alex T

  • "My sister has been a member of a “travel club” for a few years now but doesn’t have any of the benefits that I do. I told her about all of the WorldGateway benefits I have in addition to my timeshare and she couldn’t believe it! I use the phone app almost every day! I would like to know how I can send you a few names of friends and coworkers who are very interested in your program."

    Thanks in advance, Connie

-Mr. Pulos, RCI Owner

How does it work?

Our points based memberships offer more flexibility than ever. Giving you the ability to customize your travel arrangements.


You decide where and when to travel and the size of your requested accommodation based on availability and/or the number of Points you have.

Short Breaks

In addition to exchanging for full weeks, you can also book available short breaks ten months in advance of check-in. Plus, if you're a points member, you can even stay for just one night. These are mostly available at US resorts. Please contact us for more information.

Save & Borrow

Use your holiday ownership your way, by saving or "banking" your Weeks or Points to the following Use Year, and even borrowing Points from the next Use Year.